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Current environments have radically changed and the very concept of workplace has evolved into something much more livable and more person-oriented. The emphasis is on the comfort of the workplace, without neglecting the aesthetics, unlocking the classic concept of “office” to see it enriched with lounge items. The technical chair is always at the center of the project, pleasing, ergonomic and Tecnologically advanced, but it must be fanked by stuffed elements with a large choice of coatings. To achieve this, after a few years of research and development, in 2018, TCC will launch a new brand dedicated to padded furniture. The two brands will be complementary and transversal.

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One of the most frequently asked questions is whether the seat is “comfortable.” Our armchairs are all comfortable, but comfort is subjective and varies from person to person: someone may like the soft chairs, others may opt for rigid ones. TCC proposes to meet these needs of all its articles and various optional Combinations, certifying ergonomics at university clinics.

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Behind quality

In workplaces, elegance and essentiality are now indispensable; expectations must always be high, especially from the technical point of view, because often aesthetically similar products are very different in terms of quality and functionality. TCC production takes this into account, above all. The quality of materials always makes the difference: under the slogan “behind quality”, there is the reliability of a chair, which can even hide in a simple screw that does not rust and does not loosen.

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